Blue Diamond Global Ingredients Division Webinars

What began as a small, PR-focused client turned into our largest account in a matter of months. Blue Diamond’s Global Ingredients Division serves a B2B audience who use almond-based products for a variety of food applications. While their name was known throughout the food industry, they wanted to change their go-to-market strategy using content marketing.

A series of pre-show emails got folks excited.

The first project was a series of webinars that would be filmed at their headquarters in Sacramento, CA. We are slated to produce four, 10-minute webinars in 2021 in batches of two. When they went “live,” the webinars were followed by a 20-minute Q&A. These were merged and made available “post-show” within a week.

Due to the COVID pandemic, only one of us would be able to attend. Since the talent was key to the sucess of the webinar, our ECD coached talent in person, I connected remotely for technical assistance and recording takes and our account supervisor made sure we were legal.

My process

  • Figured out how we’d get it done, including a rough schedule
  • Worked with the copywriter and their script to make the storyboard
  • Incorporate authentic stock video and photography
  • Integrate available b-roll plant and drone footage
  • Prepare production documents, including shot list and schedule
  • Remotely attend the videoshoot to taking notes for editing

To save time, the director of photography and I decided to record in 4K knowing our final output will be HD. This efficiency meant capturing our talent once. This decision helped put our nervous subject matter experts at ease knowing they only had to record once.

When all of the above was complete, I then strategized the supporting materials for the webinar, including pre-show emails, landing page (pre- and post-live), and paid LinkedIn campaign.

Here the first two webinars that have gone live in 2021.

Total Registrants
New to Database


We worked with the client’s long-time videographer Simz Productions based in Sacramento, CA.


I cataloged all the footage and edited them together using Adobe After Effects. The post-live event was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

My Roles

Creative Strategy
Art Direction
Video Shoot Coordination
Motion Graphics
Project Management