GSGP Logo Identity

The Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway Governors and Premieres (whew!) had an identity crisis. When they attended highly important meetings in the area, their logo appeared outdated and stodgy.

The old logo represented the same fair and balanced approach they had always done, with the stars representing the border provinces and states and a graphic of the bodies of water. But they wanted to face the public with a renewed energy and, more importantly, a “Great Lakes” logo that hadn’t been done before.

The new logo we developed kept the same spirit in which the original did. We wanted it to be subtly inclusive of both sides of the border and all the municipalities they represent — nine in total. They were also known by Great Lakes by short. So we took all of those and developed this new logo mark.

The highly stylized version of the Great Lakes clearly represented the region, but more importantly focused on their four pillars which have been a part of the organization from day one. Moving away from the fourteen stars and map allowed them to have a simplified look that better represented their mission: It has been and always been about the Great Lakes.

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Their new logo made a big different right away and was released to the public in late 2017.

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