Whirlpool Corp. Creative Leadership

As much as I would like to, I don’t get a chance to work on certain projects directly for from the beginning. But I feel that my work as a creative leader is just as important as pushing pixels around. And my three years on the Whirlpool Corp. account has been the most immersive and fascinating experience I’ve had during my marketing career.

Here are some of the highlights during my three years on the account.

Whirlpool Pro

The client had asked us to create a new experience for their trade-facing customers. The idea of the new website was born from discovery and looking at the competition who appeared (at least on the Web) to treat their trade audiences in a limited way. Just giving them a portal to other sites, or giving them high level messaging about what they can off.

From the original design that was implemented, we had a lot of evolving to do and cleaning up. I worked on that mainly, and directly in WordPress with Beaver Builder and additional plugins to bring ideas to life. With limited hours and time, I sought to persuade our account team to allow us to make incremental changes to the site to keep it fresh and exciting. Not just design, mind you, but also in content.

Content Marketing and CRM

Where my passion really came in was with our content marketing strategy. Not only did we have to feed the thought leadership portion of our site, but we had to stay ahead of what was going on in the news. I poured myself into learning everything about the building industry, trends in build-to-rent, multifamily, and the technology that was driving a lot of change in the home appliances industry.

Every day I would read news relating to our audiences – builders, architects, designers, remodelers and distributors – and advocated internally for content that would speak to them. I was there for the monthly content meetings and internal reviews with copywriters who were populating the emails. I was there on the phone calls with clients to argue for a particular approach in our tradeshow experience.

Experiential Marketing

I love trade shows. How else do you bring an entire brand to life, invite people “into your home” and give them an experience? In the beginning I was the lead designer, but as time went on I played an ACD role for to our designer and copywriter team who put it together. (To see designs I have done, check out  the Pacific Coast Builders Show in 2017.)

Although I didn’t design it, I was instrumental in developing the story. We have been moving away from showing the brands and presenting these as solutions to the trade (to continue to position ourselves as the leaders in major appliances). As such, each of the “kitchens” had a theme, featuring the brand.

Though I didn’t do the direct design work, the client requested that I be on the show floor for setup. I was also the one responsible for behind-the-scenes photography and video recording, recording an interview with our PR team (for our CRM program), and hands on setup (I got to assemble the handles on the KitchenAid fridge!).

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